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FOREX eBOOK + eBOOK "How to Be an Anti-Racist Parent"

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A few months back, I asked all of you to submit tips and stories for a free e-book I wanted to make available to all readers of Anti-Racist Parent.

I’m happy to announce that it’s finally here!

How to Be an Anti-Racist Parent: Real-Life Parents Share Real-Life Tips features advice from many members of the ARP community, including Shawn Fink, Jae Ran Kim, Nina Birnbaum, Cloudscome, Meera Bowman Johnson, Margie Perscheid, Mike Lee, Susan Lyons-Joell, and Cynthia Bostwick.



Meerman Scott draws upon experience working with over 40,000 technology company marketers and product managers at over 3,000 customers. In addition, while writing the e-book, the authors interviewed 30 technology company CEOs.

"We asked, why do some products fail while others succeed?" says Craig Stull, founder and CEO of Pragmatic Marketing. "That question keeps many CEOs, venture capitalists, employees and shareholders up at night. Customers want to know too, because after all, they are spending their money on these products. In this e-book, we've put together the secrets plus the fatal flaws that all technology company leaders need to know."

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