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About e book

The results of a on-line survey, conducted in October 1999 by the African American Literature Book Club (AALBC.com), showed 61% of those surveyed were not familiar with eBook readers (electronic book readers).

An article in January 2000 issue of Emerge magazine states: "…finding folks in the African-American publishing community who are aware of the technology [electronic books] is like being on a treasure hunt with an outdated map. Calls to Black editors, writers, agents and publishers lead mostly nowhere."

Despite their lack of popularity, eBooks have the potential to radically change, in a positive way, the way we; read, disseminate information, and even define our culture. The goal of this document is to explain what eBooks are, why they are important, how one may benefit from this evolution in technology.

What is an eBook?

The Gartner Group, a Stamford, CT. based information technology consultancy, lists electronic books as one of the top 10 emerging technologies for 1999.

Simply put, an eBook is a special computer file, which contains the text of a printed book. The file may be read on a personal computer (PC), a personal digital assistant (PDA), or an electronic device designed specifically for reading eBooks (eBook reader). eBook readers have many features that are simply not available with standard printed text.

  1. It is economically feasible to publish low demand titles
  2. No shipping and handling charges when purchased online
  3. Books never go out of print
  4. Authors have the ability to self publish and distribute their own books inexpensively
  5. eBooks may be download quickly at home, or kiosk in store, via an Internet connection
  6. eBooks cost less than traditional books
  7. Look up words with dictionary software (included with most eBook readers)
  8. Search for specific text - find that quote in seconds
  9. Annotate or highlight text
  10. Teachers may prepare customized e-Textbooks for their students
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